If you SUSPECT that a child may be at risk of female genital mutilation (FGM) or a child discloses that she has undergone FGM.  Regulated professionals must report it to the Police under the Mandatory Duty using the 101 non-emergency number


Law Commission proposed reforms to surrogacy law (UK)

The Law Commission is consulting on the law around surrogacy, which will effect all nations of the UK. In particular, they want to create a new pathway to legal parenthood in surrogacy, which will allow intended parents to be legal parents from birth. They are also proposing a new national surrogacy register to hold information about the surrogate, the intended parents and any sperm or egg donors, and a new pathway to safeguard safeguards the interests of all participants in a surrogacy arrangement.  Legislation around surrogacy dates from 1985 and technology and social attitudes have changed much since then; there have been loud calls for reform of the law for many years and many organisations and legal experts have welcomed these proposals.

You can read about the Law Commission’s work, read the consultation paper and respond on the Law Commission website

The Law Commission is also holding a number of free-to-attend stakeholder events:

  • Wednesday 17 July – Manchester (16.30)
  • Friday 19 July – Exeter (09.30)
  • Monday 22 July – Brighton (16.00)
  • Tuesday 23 July – Cardiff (16.00)
  • Tuesday 3 September – Birmingham (16.30)

Full details, and how to sign up for each event, can be found by clicking this link to Eventbrite.